What or who got you into video games in the first place?

My friends got me into the video games in the first place, when we are elementary to highschool students we always love playing video games or computer games like KOS, counter strike, rules of survival and etc. Growing up to senior high school ‘til now as a college student, mobile games especially mobile legends fell me inlove. I focused in playing mobile legends, me and my friends already tried to join in different tournaments. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. No matter what happen, lose or win, for me experience is always the best teacher. At least we tried, the very important thing for me is to enjoy every game and every moments with my friends. Yes, I’m a competitive person but I know how to accept the result of every situation. But since I started looking for scholarship to axie infity, I rarely play mobile legends. I still love to try and be inlove also in other video games.