The Future of Gaming

As technology advances and internet speeds for gaming improve, the future of gaming opens up a variety of choices. The integration will play an even bigger role in the future. Cloud gaming appears to be gaining popularity in the gaming industry. It’s still in its infancy, but it’s a natural progression, with gamers being able to play a game on one system and then pick up their game saves through the cloud on another. The quality of cloud gaming and cross-platform play is also influenced by internet speeds. Even with these dazzling new devices boasting incredibly powerful specs, future gamers will require a fast internet connection to enjoy next-generation gaming.

Where It All Started

In this classroom, my high school friends formed a circle or a group, and they were playing on their phones. I got curious, so I went closer to them and they asked me to download the Mobile Legends app. I got really curious, so I downloaded it. Since then, we played until the instructor will enter the classroom to teach. I was once addicted to that game, then I got interested in Call of Duty mobile, and until now, I’m still playing that game. It came to the point that the moment I get up in my bed, I open my phone and play CODm. But, I realized it was a bad habit, so I changed my routine. Now, I know my priorities. These people did not just influenced me in playing games, they also helped me become a responsible gamer. What I mean is that they taught me to handle people and be extra careful to what I will say while playing especially when having a bad game. Just relax and enjoy the game. Don’t let the game ruin your day.