Gaming refers to playing electronic games, whether through consoles, computers, mobile phones or another medium altogether. Gaming is a nuanced term that suggests regular gameplay, possibly as a hobby. Although traditionally a solitary form of relaxation, online multiplayer video games have made gaming a popular group activity as well.

Gaming Industry: Mixed Reality Is The Future of Gaming?

We can expect that the gaming world will expand because of its unbelievable potential. Many experts believe that mixed reality will be the big winner, with future games “combining virtual and augmented reality technology”, expanding on the proven popularity, technology and obvious accessibility of games such as Pokémon Go

Since our technology is developing we are now experiencing an immersive gaming experience because of detailed, realistic and very high graphics of the game. The gaming world will definitely influence our daily living in the next few years, probably, our world will filled with an artificial intelligence robot and system. We can do business through gaming like NFT games that is now trending. We can have a social interaction in the next few years through gaming platforms.

Game developers and enterprises need to capitalize on the skyrocketing demand for new gaming platforms and deeper levels of interaction. As these new technologies become more mainstream, the player experience will change dramatically, and a new breed of massively multiplayer games will be launched online engaging new audiences. The future of entertainment is gaming. And the future of gaming is community.
Get ready to get your game on!

Things I do when playing Axie

Abilities and Formation

• The first thing I consider is the cards that I have. I have to make adjustment in order to utilize all the Axie’s card because there are always strengths and weaknesses. Try different formation, cards combo and read all the Axie’s card and understand their effects. Importantly, learn from your mistakes.
These are the abilities I get:


I placed them in triangular formation. The plant became the tank/front and also can sustain damage, the midlane can burst out the enemy’s front axie and it can also gain. I placed aqua it at the midlane because when in comes to 1v1 I had a lower speed against the enemy aqua or terminator. And lastly, I placed the faster other aqua at the backlane because it can sustain damage, have a greater shield and shrimp for backdoor.

Strengths and Weaknesses of my Axie team


• I can easily easily burst out the enemy’s backlane because of shrimp card.

• The plant can sustain damage against the enemy’s front axie.

• I have a greater shield when in comes to 1v1 situation.


• My plant can easily burst out by beast card.

• It is hard to win against enemy’s aqua that has speed up card and heal card.

• It is hard to win against enemy that has terminator if I do not kill it in earlier round.

Things I do in playing Arena

• I try my best to kill or inflict damage against the enemy’s backlane

• I think and analyze my enemy’s move, pattern and behavior and try to outsmart them.

• I always think ahead and plan my next move to have a better execution of cards.

• If I am winning I try to take advantage of it and when I starting to lose I will take a short break and try again later.

• If I am sleepy or I can’t focus I try to take a short nap or take a short break.

• Lastly, learn from your mistake.

Hope that this will help ^___^ Stay safe everyone!

AAP Guide V2

AAP Team can fight against high MMR and climb up fast in arena.
1st Scenario:
If fighting as AAP team and your enemy have an energy steal and energy destroy you don’t need to save energy in 1st round because there is a high posibility that they will destroy or steal your energy.
If they use those skills that round then save your energy for the next round because they don’t have steal/destroy cards.

2nd Scenario:
If the enemy doesn’t have that skills (steal/destroy card) try to save your energy to burst enemy’s plant for the 2nd round or if you have shrimp try to burst the backlane.

Hope it will help our AAP team 😄

My Childhood Friend

I was 6 years old when my classmate Kerby invited me to come in their house and play some videogames. He is my first friend when I started schooling. At first I was shy but later on we often play in their house. We try different video games like mario cart, tekken, metal slug and many more. That time I had so much fun and it became my hobbies. He is so competitive when in comes to playing and I also had an eagerness to win against him. The favorite game we always play is tekken that’s why I always have a nostalgic feeling when playing tekken because it brings back so much memories of my childhood. He is the reason why I love playing games but I don’t know if he still remembers me.