Cryptocurrency- Our Digital Future

A guide on knowing the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Cryptocurrency isn’t just the fact that we have our digital assets in different blockchains. It does not simply mean money, and as we dig down to learn about it, it correlates to our way of thinking, our level of trust and risk-taking. Some may say it is life-changing, but may be the cause of the downfall of unsuccessful traders. Now, why?

You may simply disregard the fact of researching when you were young. But once you enter the crypto world, researching is very important. You don’t just simply ride the trend of a certain coin, but might as well do a background check on whether the project/NFT itself is promising. It is very essential on determining what coin to invest in to make some big profits once we hold it and wait for it to pump really high.

Now, what are the coins that we should take note of? First, if you are not for short term holdings and investments, do not invest in meme coins or alt coins. These are the coins that are characterized by short-term prices, and usually has little value. Some of these are coins that replicated a popular coin, but believe me, there is no long-term for this. The prices of these coins are very volatile, which means that crypto whales have all the access on whether this coin will dip so low. Though it is very risky, you may take a risk if you are into short-term investments and are not afraid to lose your money. But take note, crypto success is learning how to set long term goals and investments.

Now that we know what coins to be careful of, we can now proceed on what coin makes a good investment. We must look at a coin that has promising developers that makes the coin part of a project. For example, SOLANA blockchain is a project that showed big pump this year. Learning that it has many successful and promising games under it is what makes it so promising. Also, Ethereum is really something to look out for knowing that it is a blockchain that is still going up until now. The early investors of these coins might have already double their investments several times. A popular rising coin as of now is the Pegaxy Coin. They had a pre-selling of dragons that quickly sold out for less than 10 minutes. After that, these low id dragons now became rare and were sold for a higher price. It is said that this is a promising game that has the possibility of going up like AXS in Axie Infinity. Pegaxy is still rising up by now from the base price of 0.1 now on 0.5 in less than a week. But take note, do your research before investing. Invest what you are willing to risk.