AAP Guide

If you are using AAP you need to maintain you’re energy for card combos and burst down the enemy quickly. Don’t hesitate if you are going to combo a damage dealer, if you can burst it down do it as early as possible because if you didn’t burst it down quickly you will get regret it.

Tip no.1

You need to hold you’re energy in early game.

why? because you need it in early stage, if you know that you’re plant is going to be burst down put some shield on you’re plant. You need the tank for sacrifice to get the 2 energy every round. Plant can die in 3 or 4 rounds because you can burst down any other enemy axie

Tip no.2

Aqua Cards

That is the sample of all of Aqua Cards.

Many of that card is good but when the 4 perfect card fit the aqua perfectly, you’re aqua can be unstoppable unless you face a frickin reptile

This Aqua set is good for mid lane and back lane

This is good in mid lane

Why there are two nimo? because a aqua without a nimo it can’t do combo if you’re energy is low. You need 4 cards to bring down enemy axie fast.

Tip no.3


as i said earlier a AAP team needs a nimo for energy, so that you cannot be energy gap when you are in battle in pvp.

Best plant for AAP team

A tanky plant is very need in AAP team because it will took all the damage of the enemy, put you’re plant in front if it is tanky.

This one is you can gain energy because of carrot hammer if it breaks you’re shield and has vagetal bite. Can be in front or mid lane.

This is only just my knowledge in AAP there are more tips and tricks in YouTube or just find any article in DailyGamemoments.