How do I diversify my crypto assets?

Good Evening Everyone our topic for today is how do I diversify my crypto assets?

What is crypto assets diversification?

Diversifying your crypto portfolio is the act of investing your money in various crypto projects to reduce risk if one or more projects perform poorly. Implementing a diversification strategy also allows you to achieve the best possible returns even when some of the portfolio items perform poorly or to summarize crypto assets diversification means that you invest in different coins and tokens to hedge against their price changes.

When I saw the SLP’s value dropping I immediately exchanged my SLP to Matic in Binance and I waited for the Matic to go up when it got up to 2 Dollars each I swapped 75% of my Matic to USDT and I cashed out the USDT to PHP in P2P trading in Binance and put them all in my savings accounts so that it will increase little by little every month.

I choose to exchange my SLP to Matic in reason of, I am always looking every day if the Matic is rising up to 25% more so I decided to hold Matic rather than SLP that dropped a lot and continually dropped before the latest update but now because of the updates SLP is now going up now little by little.

Why should we diversify our crypto assets?

  • The crypto market is highly volatile. Diversification protects against unexpected negative market swings.
  • Due to price jumps.
  • It increases the chances of your cryptocurrency investment prospering.
  • You can’t rely on a single cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to provide good returns.
  • It enables you to make the most of multiple coins that are performing well at the same time.


Diversification is a great risk management strategy that many investors use in both crypto and traditional assets. While it will not protect you from a market-wide correction or a bearish cycle, it will reduce your risk if one of your portfolio assets exits the crypto market or has a poor run. Keep in mind that investing is risky, but risks can be managed to some extent. You can significantly reduce the impact of global slashing events on your portfolio by making smarter investments.

And that’s it for today thank you for reading. Have a good day everyone

– DGM||Jhaydel1112

Steps to follow before playing Pegaxy

Good Afternoon Everyone I, DGM||Jhaydel1112 want to help incoming players on Pegaxy on how to play it.


Download Metamask if you will play Pegaxy in your mobile phones

After downloading metamask or opening your metamask on your browser tap the three lines on the metamask


After tapping the three lines or Menu there are many options that will show or pop up.

Tap settings and then tap add network.


After tapping it there will be boxes that needs to be filled up.

Fill up them exactly like this:

Network Name: Polygon


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

NOTE: Make sure you follow how it was written like in the picture above this message.

After filling it up proceed to the next step.


Tap save

Now go to menu again and tap browser in the official metamask app (if you are using cellphone/ tablet) and then paste this in the search box

Go to this link (For PC/Laptop users)


You will be redirect to pegaxy’s official website and now tap racing

Tap CONNECT and then there is a message that will pop up what you need to do is tap SIGN.


And then after you connected your account click Pick a Pega and choose your pegaxy you want to race.


Tap race and again after you tapped the SIGN you will be redirected to the race.

And then wait for the race to finish and repeat step 7.

If you encounter a pop up message like this:

Always tap the violet choice and then tap SIGN again.

The Revenge of Plant

Good Evening everybody so our recent topic was about cryptocurrencies and now our next topic will be


My Ideal plant to breed is this picture below

The revenge of plant

I call it The revenge of plant because it’s cards are high specially if this plant drops it’s hp to 30% or lower of its hp. Here are the cards of this plant.

The Revenge of Plant cards

This plant can gain energy using tail slap that requires to be comboed with another card. It can also deal massive damage to plants,reptiles and dusks if it’s hp dropped to 30% use the death mark and prickly trap and it will deal massive damage that it can 3 hit delete an opponent.


Use the tail slap to gain energy make sure to use it with another card.

When the plant hp dropped to 30% use death mark and then prickly trap and 1-2 october treat depends on how many energy does the enemy have.


Can 2 hit delete Aquatic,Bird,Bug Axies

Can 3 hit delete Plants,Reptiles,Dusks Axies

Has Energy Gain card

Deals massive damage to opponent

Good for team with beast specially beast with Ivory stab card as it gives energy when a damage becomes critical.


Don’t have steal energy cards.

Medium defensive cards

When predicted wrongly and you did the combo(1 death mark, 1 prickly trap, 1-2 october treat) energy will be wasted.

Prickly trap passive will not work on pure plants because this plant speed is 35 unlike other plants they have a speed of 32 below

Crypto Currency? What is it?

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I am DGM||Jhaydel and I will give an information about Cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency is a type of currency which uses digital files as money. Usually, the files are created using the same ways as cryptography (the science of hiding information). Digital signatures can be used to keep the transactions safe, and let other people check that the transactions are real.

Example of it is, Bitcoin which is considered the first cryptocurrency created, and everything else is collectively known as an “altcoin” (a combo word derived from “alternative coin”).

Which cryptocurrency is the best to invest?

Solana(SOL) is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
For reason, This cryptocurrency went meteoric and by September had cracked into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market cap and because SOL is well known today that in just 1-8 months it can rise again like before the first value of SOL was at PHP48 or almost 1 USD on April 11, 2020, But it suddenly goes up continuously until its value became PHP13050 which is the highest values of SOL as of November 10, 2021.
In short, SOL raised to or more than 1000x of its value that made me think it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Thank You Everyone! and Have a Good Day


The Story of an Cheerful Kid

Hello Everyone I am sharing a short story about my childhood and on how improved my skills hope you guys enjoy reading my story

I lived in Philippines me and my family life is normal. I love playing with my toys and friends and also study with them with the help of my mom. When I remember my childhood memory it really gives me happiness I play all day with my friends and talking to my parents telling the things I do in school. This memories are so fun and precious to me ,being Kid is so happy.

When I am at 1st Year Junior Highschool ( Grade 7), I stopped playing Toys and started playing online games and offline games like Minecraft, Roblox, Clash of Royale, Card Wars and etc. after studying. It became my Hobby for 1 year. Once I am in Grade 8/ 2nd Year I focused on studying and Mathematics got my attention I always learn math it became my favorite subject and after learning I practice on Calligraphy and Lettering to improve my writing it became my hobby until now and I play games on Weekends with my friends.

When Axie Infinity got popular I got interested in it too so I started searching about it I watch Axie Gameplay and tips on YouTube and learn how they use the cards and combos of it it really helped me and I’m so thankful that I became an scholar and what’s more good is that I became scholar on DailyGameMoments.

It is good to be an part of DailyGameMoments members here always help each other on tips and techniques in playing Axie and also help each other to be successful and to make us grow and expand. Therefore, We don’t let others fall behind we always help them to reach the top with us.

Because I am an fast learner I improved my skills time management, management skills, communication skills and teamwork activities. And continue to improve more skills that I have and Learn skills that I didn’t know I have.

Thank you for reading my story everyone . hope you guys like it have a good day to all of you.


The Future of Gaming

Hello Everyone

What do I think the Future Gaming will be?

I think the Future of Gaming will be Better and Games in the future can make us successful

Why do Games in the Future can make us Successful?

A lot of games now has in game credits that is tradeable, can be converted to other crypto currencies example of it is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity can be played in different Platforms ( Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.)

it’s unbelievable that the Games we played before so that we can have fun and we don’t get bored can now be a source of funds for our daily needs.

This following Generations I believe that the Games we play will join the Crypto Currencies Where we can sell, trade, and invest our in game credits into real money.

And it is possible that the Future Games will be played on Futuristic Gadgets like 3D Virtual Glasses, where we can control or play games using only gloves on our hand and can be played using brains.

There are a lot of good possibilities in Future of Gaming and unexpected possibilities that can happen in the future.

Thank You and Have a Good Day Everyone πŸ’–πŸ˜Š


What or who got you into video games in the first place?

My Friends and my Curiosity got me into video games. At first I’m not interested at video games but when I saw my friends playing Video Games I got curious and started playing Video Games and then it became my Hobby and when I play video games it feels like I’m a part of it like I’m the one fighting for peace/to win , etc.The first Video Game I played is Minecraft I liked it because, it improves my imaginations and makes me artistic. My favourite game is Mobile Legends , I liked it because of the Heroes in it and how the creator made their suits , passive, ability, voice lines and super skills. And the game that I want to play is the Axie Infinity because I want to improve my card gaming skills and strategies and I want to learn about crypto currencies. That’s all thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–