A must have skill cards in a backliner Aqua

If you are in a 1v1 situation and your aqua has 57 speed and your opponent has 57 speed and you do not have this cards there are chance that yoh might lose because the reference for next turn is your id number the lower the id number is the more chances of hitting your opponent first if both of you has the same speed. The advantage of having this card is before you enter the 1v1 situation you need to use the upstream to kill the midliner of the opponent and by the time you kill the opponent using upstream you gained buffed speed and on the next round you will be the first to hit even if you have equal speed.

In order for you to maximize the swift escape you need to know if they can burst you or not or if you have a lof of shield you can survive 4 damage cards of your enemies plus if you cast the swift escape then you speed buffed will be stacked by 4 per stack of speed is 20% so a total of 80% speed buffed and in the next turn you will be the first one to hit your enemy.

Thats it for today Goodnight DGM Fam♥️