How I diversify my crypto assets?

Hello! it’s me Rashi again!

Today we will be talking on how I diversify my crypto assets!

I move my crypto assets everyday! I use them whenever I learn a new way to earn!

But today I will talk about how I mainly earn!

Number 1 is Staking.
-Staking is a way to put your crypto to work and earn reward from it.
Think of this like bank savings. You basically earn passive income from this but not too much.
I like action so for me this is boring stuff. I only stake a crypto that moves slowly. Careful about price drops tho!

Number 2 is trading.
-So here comes the action! Basically you will buy a cryptocurrency of your choice and sell e when the prices goes up!
I mainly use the scraping method in trading so actions moves in minutes, or even seconds of trading!
Crypto scraping gives low profit but can accumulate depending on how much time per day you can give!

If you plan on trying any form of trading you should remember:
Never sell lower than your investment!
Always mind the transaction fees!
Do your own research first!

Number 3 is NFT trading.
-This is my main money maker!
Just like trading but you will be buying and selling NFT’s!
I maily focus on In-Game items rather than those photos of monkey being sold at insanely high prices.
Basically your goal here is to study the maket of the game you want to focus on, that way you will be able to monitor and find underpriced goods.
I mainly focus on this because you can still earn even if the crypto market is dropping.

Here is an example:
I’ll use the game Axie Infinity as an example.
Let’s say you studied the market and you know that a bird axie with a certain skill set normally costs 0.7 eth.
Then you suddenly saw someone selling that exact same axie at lets say 0.4 eth, while the rest of the prices stays the same.
You should immediatly grab that! and sell it back on 0.7eth! Profit!

It might sound easy but monitoring price range changes is a bit hard and requires research!
Always mind the Gas fees/Transaction fees!
Never sell lower than your capital!
Never be a “Trigger Happy” person who always buy without thinking!

Lastly please remember that in any kind of trading, Patience is a must!

I hope we all get much profits!

Thats all for today!

Axie Infinity Progression Guide.

NOTE: This is a progression guide, not how to be pro guide.

This guide is for beginners or players that are stuck and have no clue on what to focus on.

So let’s start!

Starting out:

So you are a beginer and have no clue where to start.

Start by looking into your axies. What breed are they? What are they good at?

For example, Plant.

Plants are the main tanks in axie infinity.

Looking into your axie’s card sets:

It is important to read their skill descriptions instead of jumping right into fights and throw random fights. After reading them, might as-well try them at the adventure first for better understanding. Once you understand what your axie’s cards do you’ll have better chances of winning since you’ll use the right cards for thier purpose.

Learning Combos:

After reading your axie’s cards you’ll notice things mentioned like comboed with or chained with.

For example Vegetal bite, it only works when comboed with another card. While chained cards need to be used by two axies instead of 1. For example Feather lunge. The bonus damage will only work if you use another lunge card on another axie.

Learning combos is very important on battles and will give you more chances of winning.

Learning the Rock-paper-scisors of axies:

This will help you know who is stronger than who. For example Beast > Plants > Aqua > Beast.

Now on advanced stuffs.

Reading your enemy:

First stage:

Start by reading your enemy’s cards and be familiar on thier combos so you can predict what combos they might throw? Once you are familliar with this you can now try to apply the next stage.

Second stage:

Energy counting, learning to count energy might take time and alot of trial and errors but once you get familliat with it, you will improve alot! You can now predict better! You now know if can they kill my plant in one turn? Should I shield up? Will the enemy skip? And much more!

Third stage

Card counting, Know that the axies can only have 2 of the same cards untill round 5 and will reset on round 6 depending on how many of the axies died. You can use this to your advantage to further improve you prediction ability. For example did he used 2 vegetal bite already? I can now conserve energies. Did he used 2 october treats already? I can now take down his plant.

Lastly the Card mamagement.

Learn how to control your cards especialy on 1v1.

Heres an example:

I am using a biffinator vs a numbing lecration backlane

all my cards are up(8cards) but I can only use 2 Nile Strike and 2 cuckoo.

Will you use all 2 Niles and 2 Cuckoos for more damage? No!

Every round you’ll only be given 3 cards so if you use those 4 there is a chance that You’ll be given 2 Cuckoos and 1 nile stike next round!

But if you used 1 cuckoo and 2 nile strikes instead. Youll be given the exact same cards next round! Isn’t that neat?


Focus on learning this one at a time. Don’t try to learn counting cards and Counting cards in one go. Its cobfusing. Focus on 1 and slowly apply the next one. That us why it is called “progression”

PS: This is not a how to be pro guide. I am not pro. I wrote this because I know some are cramping too much information in mind like I did before I tried learning everything in one go, and believe me it is confusing and frustrating so I suggest learning them in progression instead.

Thats all I got for now!

Best of luck!

Happy newyear!

Glory of the tank.

So we all know in Axie Infinity, Plants are often made to tank. The problem is they are weak against beasts especialy when being hit with lucky crits or ronin.

Yes plants often have Octover treat which have 121 total shield but Beast’s crit and ronin can cut through like slicing butter with a hot knife.

So I did some research and personally picked these plant skills 1 by 1.

Here’s why.

I chose Hermit/Shelter as the main shield or back of this plant over October treat to take care of our crit problem. Yea the shield is a little bit lower than October treat but compared ro being hit by crits I think its totally worth it.

For the mouth I chose Peircing sound/Goda instead of vegetal bite because it can damage plants and destroy energy. Yes, Vegetal bite can steal energies but lets admit it. How many times did we try to throw that card and failed to steal any energy? Worst it has almost no damage. Compared to Peircing sound which has more damage so its not really a waste is you hit em with this even if he doesnt have any energy. Another good alternative for this is Kotaro Bite. Though I think Kotaro bite is better it won’t work if you hit enemies that are slower than you.

For the horn I chose Leaf bug/Disguise. Its free and it gives energy even if the enemy doesnt have any. Since its an energy gain not energy steal. This will be the main energy generating replacement for vegetal bite.

Lastly I chose Carrot/Carrot Hammert for the tail. It gives a fair amount of shield and will give free energy when broken. A great alternative for this is Cattail Slap its will give a fair amount of shield and free cards everytim you get hit by a Beast, Bug or Mech Card.



Very tanky. Even crits wont work for them. Very good when battling beasts with ronin.

Can destroy and generate energies. Greats for preparing late game battle.

Very good if you have strong mid and back liners.


Low damage. This build is made keeping in mind that its a tank so its not good to place this plant on the back or mid lane.

Team reliant. Will just tank like a wall and rely on its team mates to do the killing. Yea typical tank.

Combo reliant. Diguise wont work without Carrot hammer but its okay. You only need 2 energies for 2x carrot + 2x Disguise combo and get 4 energies in exchange.

Note: This build is made from calculations and research I haven’t seen this in action yet so its effectivity is unknown. But would like to get my hand on one of this.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!


Crypto investments.

Hi. This is Rashi once again.

So this month we’ll talk about investing in cryptocurrenies.

We all know the 2 biggest crypto untill now is BTC and ETH.

So if you want to play it a little bit safer try investing on those two.

I suggest using the hodl method when investin on BTC or ETH.

This method concludes of buying when the price is low then holding onto it untill the price got higher then sell them.

Tho I suggest having large amount of investments using this method.

If you love being in action I suggest you to try day trading or scalping method.

The principle is the same buy-low sell-high but you will be monitoring in realtime and trade within minutes instead of holding them for a long time.

I suggest using this method on lower tier coins.

personally I use this method on mBTC and mETH.

Since their movements are almost the same of BTC and ETH. The only difference is the price of mBTC and mETH is alot lower so you can trade them even if you have low investment.

Thats all for This month’s topic! Seeyah!

Simple story of me.

Hello everyone! It’s me again Rashi.

Today I’m going to tell you a short story of my life.

Might be boring but please bear with it. Lol

When I was young I never seen my father and only seen my mother like once or twice?

My aunt is the one who raised me. As a child she rrely let me out of the house so I grew up as an introvert.

Never been a problem tho. I’m always happy watching anime and playing games.

When I was 16 Years old that would be the first time I met my father.

First thing he did is to give me money. Lol.

As far as I remember it was around $100.

By that time its quite a large amount it was eay back year 2009.

I just saved it for a while.

Year 2012 I worked as a Bar helper then after a while I became the Bar cook.

A friend of mine told me about bitcoin. I got interested so I used the $100 I recieved from my father and saved.

Few months or year later? I can’t remember I heard about trading and someone posted about trading and I got really interested and wanted to try it right away!

I saw another post about buying coins that cost 1satoshi each then sell them when they became 2 satoshi and you will double your money! So I innediately find a coin that cost 1satoshi and uaed up all my bitcoins. But after a few days it went off the market.

I felt really frutrated. Untill now. Knowing I wiukd have been a millionaire by now if I didnt use my btc back then.

So I gave up on trading and worked as cook on different restaurants.

Now I just got fired. Learned about nft games, and given a chance to trade once again.

Now I’m doinf it small steps at a time and doing what they call scraping. Profit is not that intence but atleast I’m making progress now instead of losing everything in one go.

Doing my best swimming in the gigantic sea of crypto. Hoping that I can one day become a whale of the sea or atleast a bigger fish than I am now, and gain financial freedom.

So thats it for today! Thanks for reading my story!

See you later!


The future of gaming.

What’s up folks! It’s me Rashi once again!

Today we’ll talk about the future of gaming!

So what do you think the future of gaming will be?

Let’s look back on those good o’l times before we get to the future

So the gaming world started offline, You will need a console and the cartridge for the game.

You can also play multiplayer by just adding another controller (Aka the Player 2).

Then online games came to exist. You can play with massive amount of players! Join raid parties, guilds, have friends and most specialy trade with others.

The only problem is, no matter how hard you grind, how hard you hunt for those items you can only sell them for in-game money.

You don’t own anything even though you worked hard for them, and I think its a big flaw.

Yes sometimes players sell item to people for money but most of the time, real money trading is not legal and bannable on most games. Why tho? You worked hard for them. Why can’t you sell them for money? Because you don’t own them, The devs do.

Then here we go! The future of gaming!

Meet the NFT gaming! Where you own all the gaming assets that you gained! The dream of most gamers came to life!

No more flaws like not owning what you worked hard for!

No more ban for selling what you gained!

You can now earn assets and totally own them!

You can trade them, use them, gift them, and even sell them!

The future of gaming is NFT indeed!

You own what you gained!

I can totally see the great future of gaming where most of the games are NFT capable!

To the great future!

Thats all for today! See you again later!


So, what led me to the gaming world?

Hi folks! I’m Rashi and today I’m about to share my story.

So as you can see from the title, what led me to the gaming world?

Well let me start from the very begining, I started playing games since I was a child, I don’t recall how old I was since the day I got my very first console which is called a family computer. There are not much childred live near my place to I always stay at home, bored, so my parents bought me one. The first game I played is Super Mario. I got hooked at gaming so I bought new cartidge so I can play more games.

Years later I got another console called the Play Station. This is where I got really hooked at gaming. I played so many games in this console and my most favorite is the Final Fantasy VII, I tried other Final Fantasy games such as FFVII and FFIX but FFVII is my most favorite.

Then the GameBoy came out I played Pokémon, This is when I got to have friends cos you can bring these to scholl and even trade Pokémons and do battles via cable!

Then I got introduced to my very first online game! The Ragnarok Online! This game will always have a very special place in my heart. The friends I made here, Parties, Guild that treated me like family, even romance! I’ll never forget all the grinds, thrilling boss hunts/raids, awesome PVP action and War of Emperium(Guild War)!

So what got me really hooked? I’d say the thrilling gameplay and awsome stories that can par some great movies! Also the feeling to be the main character and do some impossible things! Also the oppotunity to have friends that will treat you as family!

So now I’m here at Dailygamemoments and still into gaming!

See you next story! Cheers!

Happy Gaming~