Games provide us delight, inspiration, and social connection. They have the ability to bring us together, foster empathy, and build our social fabric. As of today, the number of games raging from simple gaming to virtual reality and augmented reality continues to rise. I remember back then that the graphics weren’t pretty much as good as what we have today. From pixelated mariobros we have before, to something with 4k quality video games such like Cyberpunk and etc. Technology has really flourished big time and we could no longer see how it ranges more. While we’re still waiting to see what more future brings, appreciation and enjoyment is what we should be riding on.

How did my game moments become daily?

At a very young age of 7, I was able to know about gaming but not the complicated part of how it is being argued for having a confusing gameplay or whatsoever, It is all because of my ugly cousin.

Back when I was a little cutiepatootie, I always throw tantrums to my twelve-year-old cousin for not having me play his Nintendo Gameboy (The oldest version).We always smash each other to the extent that we could almost take each other’s life. Nobody could blame me about being jealous of his Nintendo Gameboy because it was very new to my eyes that time and I was vvvvv young. Days and days have come to us and my father saw how frustrated I am to watch my cousin play his Gameboy, so he decided to bought me a Gameboy Advanced SP and I was very happy, I mean, who wouldn’t be happy about that? As I unboxed it, I didn’t bother to open and inspect each and every side of the that Gameboy and all I know is I want to play it that moment, like ASAP. I am a left-handed person. So I tried opening the Gameboy on the left side but it did not open, I repeated it not just twice, but many times until I lose my excitement. I won’t open. I was sad. My father and I thought that the charger has the problem and not me. I did not play my Gameboy SP the whole day. After that, we discovered that it is me that has the problem, like there was another up and down sliding button on the right side and it was the on/off. I was sooooo dumb that time and all I can do is to reminisce that “dumb day” that I have.

Since I’ve started playing it, Finding Nemo was the first game moment I have. Me and my cousin became mortal enemy but still, we share every video games we play. And that was the first smol step of me, being a noob gamer halkhhkahaahhaha. Up today, we are still close and play games like Grand Chase. Incase you ask, we still hate each other.