Axie Infinity Progression Guide.

NOTE: This is a progression guide, not how to be pro guide.

This guide is for beginners or players that are stuck and have no clue on what to focus on.

So let’s start!

Starting out:

So you are a beginer and have no clue where to start.

Start by looking into your axies. What breed are they? What are they good at?

For example, Plant.

Plants are the main tanks in axie infinity.

Looking into your axie’s card sets:

It is important to read their skill descriptions instead of jumping right into fights and throw random fights. After reading them, might as-well try them at the adventure first for better understanding. Once you understand what your axie’s cards do you’ll have better chances of winning since you’ll use the right cards for thier purpose.

Learning Combos:

After reading your axie’s cards you’ll notice things mentioned like comboed with or chained with.

For example Vegetal bite, it only works when comboed with another card. While chained cards need to be used by two axies instead of 1. For example Feather lunge. The bonus damage will only work if you use another lunge card on another axie.

Learning combos is very important on battles and will give you more chances of winning.

Learning the Rock-paper-scisors of axies:

This will help you know who is stronger than who. For example Beast > Plants > Aqua > Beast.

Now on advanced stuffs.

Reading your enemy:

First stage:

Start by reading your enemy’s cards and be familiar on thier combos so you can predict what combos they might throw? Once you are familliar with this you can now try to apply the next stage.

Second stage:

Energy counting, learning to count energy might take time and alot of trial and errors but once you get familliat with it, you will improve alot! You can now predict better! You now know if can they kill my plant in one turn? Should I shield up? Will the enemy skip? And much more!

Third stage

Card counting, Know that the axies can only have 2 of the same cards untill round 5 and will reset on round 6 depending on how many of the axies died. You can use this to your advantage to further improve you prediction ability. For example did he used 2 vegetal bite already? I can now conserve energies. Did he used 2 october treats already? I can now take down his plant.

Lastly the Card mamagement.

Learn how to control your cards especialy on 1v1.

Heres an example:

I am using a biffinator vs a numbing lecration backlane

all my cards are up(8cards) but I can only use 2 Nile Strike and 2 cuckoo.

Will you use all 2 Niles and 2 Cuckoos for more damage? No!

Every round you’ll only be given 3 cards so if you use those 4 there is a chance that You’ll be given 2 Cuckoos and 1 nile stike next round!

But if you used 1 cuckoo and 2 nile strikes instead. Youll be given the exact same cards next round! Isn’t that neat?


Focus on learning this one at a time. Don’t try to learn counting cards and Counting cards in one go. Its cobfusing. Focus on 1 and slowly apply the next one. That us why it is called “progression”

PS: This is not a how to be pro guide. I am not pro. I wrote this because I know some are cramping too much information in mind like I did before I tried learning everything in one go, and believe me it is confusing and frustrating so I suggest learning them in progression instead.

Thats all I got for now!

Best of luck!

Happy newyear!


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