Can You Go Broke From Trading?

In trading, there are times when you would still lose although you made a good trade according to your trading strategy. There could also be days when your strategy would experience losing streaks.

Never get disheartened by these losses. 💔

🧠 Great traders understand that losses are inevitable. They maintain their discipline & composure to execute their strategy without second-guessing themselves — because they know that in the long run, they would be profitable as long as they stick to their strategy.

A lot of amateurs fail to understand this. When they lose a trade, they think that they’re doing something wrong, or that the strategy is bad. WRONG! You can make good trades, and still lose!

A good trade is one where you followed your trading strategy to the letter! So whether each trade wins or loses, is all based on the win rate or probability of that strategy.

✅ So the best thing to do after you made a loss from a good trade is to simply MOVE ON and wait for the next trade.


永远不要因这些损失而沮丧。 💔

🧠 伟大的交易者明白损失是不可避免的。他们保持纪律和镇定来执行他们的战略,而不会事后怀疑自己——因为他们知道,从长远来看,只要他们坚持他们的战略,他们就会盈利。



✅ 因此,在一笔好的交易中亏损后,最好的办法就是继续前进,等待下一笔交易。

Here's to the New Beginnings

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