Hi guys! if your team is AAP team, well please take time to read this.

Place your two aqua in a vertical line and place your plant in the front/ center. Why? Because it will need 4 energy to do combo so that they will able to kill your aqua then if not will happen your aqua will survive and can attack in next round plus the advantage of it the enemy will confuse on who they will target knowing your two aqua placed in a vertical line. Tips for the day

What or who got you into video games in the first place?

Hi I’m Justine Uclaray and my IGN is Oxygen, I would like to share what got me into video games; and this is all thanks to my cousins and my uncle. You might be asking how did this happen well growing up we have a really big family and I grew up with my cousin and my uncle when I was in grade school we often go to a computer shop where we play Counter-Strike and Dota and this is my very first exposure in video games. The second video game that I used to play at home is contra if you are familiar with this it is like a console that you put a CD in the DVD. Next came up the Gameboy I got super addicted to this to the point that I do not want to go to school at the time. I got a really great background in video games next that came up is the PSP it is very nostalgic when I try to remember downloading games and buying games in the store the most memorable game for me on this console is the Crash Bandicoot I do not know anymore if my spelling is right but yes it was very fun to play. And then comes Play Station there is this game called Resistance it is my favorite in that groundbreaking console anyway all these things lead to where I am today doing what I do. I hope I got your interest and be great. Oxygen out.

How to defeat RRP team which is op now using ABP team. thread:

So we all know that in round1 each of team will have 6 cards and 3 energy so this time your enemy is 2 reptile you should end turn because you have to save your energy for your beast to burst and kill the plant so when the time that you kill a plant and then save again a cards and energy you must save you plant also because if the plant will quickly extinguished or execute meaning you have a low chance to win that game. this is the option 1

so the option 2 is when the enemy is aggressive you should save your plant and use shield cards, why? because if your plant will execute as early as I guess your beast will be open and cannot cast a card, though you can cast a card but there is low chance that your beast can`t attack.

Option 3: if the reptile can do backdoor and kill your beast and aqua in early game and you predicted it you must increase the shield of that 2 axies or can end turn coz if u end turn and the reptile will do backdoor it will still target the plant so after targeting the plant knowing that the reptile can`t do backdoor in next round so you have to cast a shield card on your plant cast to spend energy and have more cards.

So I think that is all for tonight. I hope you gain some knowledge and have some tip and strategies on how to eliminate the RRP team. THANK YOU FOR SPENDING TIME TO READ THIS! GRINDWELL! AND CHEERS TO DGM FAM!!

What or who got you into video games in the first place?

Hi there! I am Kenneth Diaz so now I will be sharing some brief epistolary of my story on who or what got me into video games.

so lets start at the beggining. When I was young (7 years old) we have a computer shop and that is the business of my mother and father, so yeap, if you have computer shop you will be literally addicted to video games and I am the one and my sister the appointed one who will manage the computer shop at young age.

In 8 years old I was grade 3 or 4 so I was literally a child and love playing games. So when I go to school I cant focus on what teachers discussing. LOL!! All I think is to play games. after arrived from school I dont care and I dont mind to dressed up coz I will immediately go to the computer and play video games. but, fyi, even I played video games for everyday I am consistent with honors student since high school to senior high school.

the video game that caught my attention and the reason why I addicted is it is the game that you will hunt a Pokémon, fight Pokémon and evolve your Pokémon as well as axie. actually I have 210-250 Pokémon I guess because I manage to hunt than to fight.

the next that console me is Helmet heroes, crossfire, special force and assault fire. yes it is for boys HAHAHAH but I still manage to play that game coz I`m good at shooting. I still insist playing video games because I know the advantage of playing video games will improve our ability to reason and solve problems. it help us make split-second decisions, process information more quickly, and multitask effectively. Games can also improve hand-eye coordination and boost auditory perception and you can earn playing video games.

And here it goes, now look! I`m one of the scholars of Daily game moments and I am amused with that. tbh, I am excited to treasure more memories with DGM family and I hope we will get along and have bonding soon. Cheers!!

My Childhood Friend

I was 6 years old when my classmate Kerby invited me to come in their house and play some videogames. He is my first friend when I started schooling. At first I was shy but later on we often play in their house. We try different video games like mario cart, tekken, metal slug and many more. That time I had so much fun and it became my hobbies. He is so competitive when in comes to playing and I also had an eagerness to win against him. The favorite game we always play is tekken that’s why I always have a nostalgic feeling when playing tekken because it brings back so much memories of my childhood. He is the reason why I love playing games but I don’t know if he still remembers me.

My Gaming experiences

I do not have much gaming experiences during my childhood and the PoPEYE Game Console made in China! yey! that you see is the only game I played during my childhood time. Correct! It is a colorless console that my parents bought for me at Bukit Timah, Singapore at one of the road street market place. The console accompanied me for many years…

I bought my first game console which is Wii after I received my first income in my second job career. Well, I was deprived for games since young and start playing games like crazy after having them.

My next game console was Nintendo Wii because of Call For Duty to kill the Japs…LOL! I also make use of it to exercise by practicing my boxing matches with Wii. I sold it finally for MYR 50 after many years. LOL!

The next and the final console that I owned was Play Station 2 Gold edition. Bought some driving, fishing and shooting accessories that support the console. Used it for few years the resell it for a much better price that I bought before.

The rest of my gaming experiences after that are mostly on online computer games such as PUBG, World Of Tanks, COC and so on…

Card games is first time for me, such as Axie Infinity. Still learning in the process…I believe my daughter can play much better than me.

How did my game moments become daily?

At a very young age of 7, I was able to know about gaming but not the complicated part of how it is being argued for having a confusing gameplay or whatsoever, It is all because of my ugly cousin.

Back when I was a little cutiepatootie, I always throw tantrums to my twelve-year-old cousin for not having me play his Nintendo Gameboy (The oldest version).We always smash each other to the extent that we could almost take each other’s life. Nobody could blame me about being jealous of his Nintendo Gameboy because it was very new to my eyes that time and I was vvvvv young. Days and days have come to us and my father saw how frustrated I am to watch my cousin play his Gameboy, so he decided to bought me a Gameboy Advanced SP and I was very happy, I mean, who wouldn’t be happy about that? As I unboxed it, I didn’t bother to open and inspect each and every side of the that Gameboy and all I know is I want to play it that moment, like ASAP. I am a left-handed person. So I tried opening the Gameboy on the left side but it did not open, I repeated it not just twice, but many times until I lose my excitement. I won’t open. I was sad. My father and I thought that the charger has the problem and not me. I did not play my Gameboy SP the whole day. After that, we discovered that it is me that has the problem, like there was another up and down sliding button on the right side and it was the on/off. I was sooooo dumb that time and all I can do is to reminisce that “dumb day” that I have.

Since I’ve started playing it, Finding Nemo was the first game moment I have. Me and my cousin became mortal enemy but still, we share every video games we play. And that was the first smol step of me, being a noob gamer halkhhkahaahhaha. Up today, we are still close and play games like Grand Chase. Incase you ask, we still hate each other.

My Journey as a Gamer

As a young kid I didn’t have any idea about video games until my father bought a PlayStation 1. I still remember the joy it brings when the game started to load, also the frustration when it fails, and if that happens me and my brother will just open the CD door and then spin the disk and then try to start the game again.

The very first game I played is Tomba 2. It’s an adventure game that let you solve problems and puzzles to advance every stage. As a child, I sometimes get frustrated when I can’t get past a stage but at the same time I enjoyed it.

During my elementary days my father bought a Gameboy Advanced with Pokemon Emerald. This was the time when I really started liked playing video games. I remember that I chose Torchic as a starter I find it cute. I enjoyed beating all the gyms trying to catch and evolve every Pokemon I got. I still remember that I had a hard time beating Tate & Lisa (Mossdeep City Gym Leader) since that time I still don’t know how important it is to have a Pokemon which has a class advantage against trainers.

NBA 2k by 2k Sports

When I hit high school this is the time when I fell in love with sports games. This is the time that I feel competitive when I’m playing. I really enjoy playing NBA 2k series. This the game where I grew my passion in basketball as a fan. Playing 2k against my little brother really excites me. The buzzer beater shots, the highlight plays really drive my competitive spirit.

As a kid back in early 2000’s I really didn’t had the chance to play the classic Ragnarok Online game, so when I discovered this game it made me interested. I just started playing this back in March of 2020. The game helped me get past through the harsh situation on what’s going during this pandemic. I met a lot of people thru my guild. Endured some drama because of some altercation in our guild. In this game there is a lot of classes that you can play, the lore is very good, the guild wars are exciting fighting with your friends and even if there are so many users quit and switch to Ragnarok X: Next Generation (which is a fun game too!), and I’m stuck with my character progress since I really not spending too much time on the game anymore but I really still enjoy playing it.

Overall the thrill, the excitement and the challenges really made me got into gaming.
What got you into gaming? Comment down below

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. Stay tuned for more