BTCUSDT Short Position and Take Profit

BTCUSDT 633.08 Take Profit

What is the bearish or recession proof income that DGM deploy? The answer for DGM is buying shorts continuously again and again to meet monthly income expectation. George Soros is a short-term speculator. He makes massive, highly-leveraged bets on the short position trading strategies direction of the financial markets.

The current market is just like ATM machines which are splitting out USD every month when DGM is working on it…Alternatively, auto bots can also be deployed to meet similar expectation nowadays.

BTCUSDT Take Profit
BTCUSDT 633.08 Take Profit
BTCUSDT 633.08 Take Profit

Trading is really the best business (交易真的是最好的生意)

Trading is the best business

First, what is the business like?

First choose the model, then inquiry, purchase, logistics, warehousing, sales, after-sales, and handling of cargo damage, and finally buy low and sell high to earn profits.

Of course, it's a successful business.

Entrepreneurs, that is, newcomers to the business field, are overwhelmingly unable to complete this process.

Take the selection of models as an example. Newbies in business only have vague guesses about potential customer groups, which are often very far from the actual needs of the market, and only have unrealistic fantasies about the products to be sold. So, basically, neither the product nor the market, this first step will filter out half of the newbies.

Well, even with a keen eye, the best-selling product was selected at once, and the inquiry link is about to come. In fact, it is estimated that half of the novice businessmen do not know where to buy a certain product. If there is no acquaintance to bring one, they can basically only be deceived everywhere, and there will be no less detours to take. It was difficult to find a dealer, because the initial purchase volume was far from enough, and it was almost impossible to get a good purchase price, but there was no way, and I had to recognize it. Even the smallest purchase threshold may not be enough for a novice businessman.

Even if funds are raised, when purchasing, you must beware of getting shoddy defective products, or products that are about to expire. There is no need for dealers to give you the best products for newcomers.

Even if the procurement is smooth, you have to contact freight, shipping, and air transportation. If it is a cross-border business, it has to stand the test of customs, reporting, sampling, and scheduling, each of which requires professional knowledge.

Even if the logistics is smooth, there will be warehousing problems immediately, and this is a labor-intensive link, all kinds of people, everyone has different ideas, in the warehouse, in the warehouse, out of the warehouse, and infrastructure, electricity, network, security, monitoring , fire danger, etc., can not be bypassed.

Even if the warehousing is smooth, the sales link can stop more than half of the entrepreneurs. How to increase the passenger flow? TV commercials, or internet marketing? Membership Points Boost Repeat Customers? The salespeople you can hire are basically not the gods of sales, but come to mess around. How can you ask them to sell your products when the products are highly homogenized? How to train, will it really produce a little effect? How to assess performance and establish a reward and punishment system to really stimulate the initiative of salespeople?

Even if the sale goes well, the salesman is very capable, eloquent and rhetorical, so there will be no less potential after-sales disputes, such as the problems of the product itself, the loss of expectations after exaggerating the sale, and consumer complaints that cannot be completely avoided no matter what you do. The risk of prosecution, this may be the most troublesome, unavoidable, and most worthy of a smile!

Even after the sale, it can be handled smoothly, but you have to deal with unsalable products, damaged goods and expired products. You have no choice but to throw them away. This is an inevitable and unavoidable loss.

Go through hurdle after hurdle, and if there's anything left, it's your profit.

As experienced entrepreneurs know, I haven’t talked about a lot of processes, such as political and business relations, legal affairs, finance, taxation… Each of them is enough to give you a headache.

And what about transactions? Buy low and sell high, or sell high and buy low, how simple.

However, this simplicity is just a simple process, and does not require warehousing, logistics, management, after-sales, etc., and is by no means simple in the sense of difficulty.

That is to say, the transaction is very simple in terms of the process. Just click to buy and then click to sell, but in the end, there are very few people who actually buy low and sell high, because in the sense of difficulty That said, it's not simple at all.

Between buying one by one and selling one by one, a lot of learning, research, analysis, review, and planning are required.

That is, before victory, a process is also required, but it is mostly intangible and intellectual and executive.

When it comes to good news, if you spend the time you would have spent on selection, inquiry, procurement, logistics, warehousing, sales, after-sales, and damage to goods, you can use it to study, study, analyze, review, and plan. Over time, your business will be huge. Probability can.

That's when you realize that trading is really the best business.