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Over the past five years, Chewy, Inc.’s net debt / EBITDA ratio has shown a significant decrease. For the fiscal year ending 2023-01-29, the ratio was -0.86, representing a growth of 75.52%. This was followed by a ratio of -1.98 for the twelve months period ending 2023-07-30, with a growth of 26.76%.

The most recent data for the quarter ending 2023-07-30 shows a ratio of -3.36, with a substantial growth of 531.58%. These figures indicate a consistent downward trend in Chewy’s net debt relative to its EBITDA over the past five years, which can be a positive sign for the company’s financial health.

ActionExpiry DateStrike PriceIV RankEarnings DateRaw ReturnAnnualized Return
Cash Secured Put5/JAN/2024$18.0094%06/DEC/20237.95%108.58%
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Chewy, Inc.’s EBITDA has shown an increasing trend over the past five years. The EBITDA for the most recent quarter ending 2023-07-29 was $105.78M, which is higher than the EBITDA for the twelve months period ending 2023-07-29, which was $429.59M, and the fiscal year ending 2023-01-28, which was $340.78M.

This indicates a consistent increase in Chewy’s EBITDA over the past five years, reflecting positive growth in the company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

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