Crypto Currency? What is it?

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I am DGM||Jhaydel and I will give an information about Cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency is a type of currency which uses digital files as money. Usually, the files are created using the same ways as cryptography (the science of hiding information). Digital signatures can be used to keep the transactions safe, and let other people check that the transactions are real.

Example of it is, Bitcoin which is considered the first cryptocurrency created, and everything else is collectively known as an “altcoin” (a combo word derived from “alternative coin”).

Which cryptocurrency is the best to invest?

Solana(SOL) is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.
For reason, This cryptocurrency went meteoric and by September had cracked into the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market cap and because SOL is well known today that in just 1-8 months it can rise again like before the first value of SOL was at PHP48 or almost 1 USD on April 11, 2020, But it suddenly goes up continuously until its value became PHP13050 which is the highest values of SOL as of November 10, 2021.
In short, SOL raised to or more than 1000x of its value that made me think it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

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