Crypto investments.

Hi. This is Rashi once again.

So this month we’ll talk about investing in cryptocurrenies.

We all know the 2 biggest crypto untill now is BTC and ETH.

So if you want to play it a little bit safer try investing on those two.

I suggest using the hodl method when investin on BTC or ETH.

This method concludes of buying when the price is low then holding onto it untill the price got higher then sell them.

Tho I suggest having large amount of investments using this method.

If you love being in action I suggest you to try day trading or scalping method.

The principle is the same buy-low sell-high but you will be monitoring in realtime and trade within minutes instead of holding them for a long time.

I suggest using this method on lower tier coins.

personally I use this method on mBTC and mETH.

Since their movements are almost the same of BTC and ETH. The only difference is the price of mBTC and mETH is alot lower so you can trade them even if you have low investment.

Thats all for This month’s topic! Seeyah!


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