DGM Axie Infinity Roadmap

We started with ABP team and continue to work on AAP team. Tell us what is the next team and why? What about RRP?


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7 thoughts on “DGM Axie Infinity Roadmap”

  1. The next team we should build is RRP or should I say Reptile, Reptile and Plant. it could be anti termi, backdoor or damage it always depend you. RRP team is good at sustain damage, very popular and Over power team now a days, as we can see most of the team that in the top of leaderboard used RRP team that`s why this team we should grow. if DGM`s scholar would have a chance to handle that team there is a high possibility that we can get on leaderboard.

  2. The next team we should build in my opinion is RRP OR RBP because RRP OR RBP is a good team in terms in sustain damage, tankiness and it’s the meta team. Most of the top players they used RRP or RBP that’s why we should make or build one too. If DGM would build this team there are high possibility that we can get on the leaderboards and compete with the top players.🎉❤ī¸đŸģ

  3. For me, RRP is one of a good team in PVP. It has a high damage and can sustain damage. RRP can lead on the leaderboards. Hope DGM will choose this team in the near future.

  4. we can create a RRP team but make sure that the skills has a perfect composition for team fight not only in 1v1 because in my experience there are players used a RRP team but didn’t do well research in card set combination thats why even you have good team but your card set is not good you cant still get in high MMR. Also the alternative in RRP for me BRP(bug, reptile, plant), because it has a lot of damage and also good against reptile to make sure it can defeat the reptile enemy. We know that the reptile is so op in high MMR with chops card but all axie have a weaknesses, so why not try to find the weakness of the reptile that usually use in high rank and use it now.

  5. RRP would be cool. Excells on dishing out damage and also good at sustaining specialy with stun. I always hear that annoying *miss* sound whenever fighting RRP. Paired with energy generating plant. It woukd be awesome!

  6. For me, RRP has the edge right now in PVP games. The cards or skills of an RRP it is overpowering other teams like making them stun or miss and discarding cards. RRP is a good team in order to dominate and gain more slp in the arena.

  7. I think RRP is a good team too, because reptile is also known with its high damage and it have cards that attacks the backliner of the enemy wc is an advantage. I also knew that those with high MMR are those who have reptile in a team. Together with a plant with good cards, im sure that it can reach a high mmr.

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