DGM FOREX Achievement After 1.5 Months

Who are my masters and my gurus?

These are the masters and the gurus who I have learned from in the past by paying them for their courses…

DJ (Crypto), Colin Seow (Stocks + Crypto + NFT ), Terence Tan (Options), Binni Ong & Paulyn Quek (FOREX), and many more, I have spent zero training in fees from their teaching and I managed to figure out my own formula for DGM to execute as a sniper in all markets. I think there is no way that I can copy and paste to use my masters’ strategies to make money therefore I formulated my own style of trading methods in all time frame and in bullish, in bearish or a ranging markets condition.

Do not depend on one trading method:

I have witnessed so many new traders are too rigid with their own money to trade in an agile markets like FOREX or Crypto. They are not flexible enough to adopt into a new trading cycle quickly enough and some have brain freeze when they see the prices playing their feeling up and down in the speed of light or sleepless nights and days just to watch their trades.

The reason of this post is to tell you that you are not alone but we must set our own focus right to a dot like a sniper with your own trading plan. No method what my master or my guru said, it cannot or will not affect my plan forward as a sniper. I do not take instruction to trade, I am an independent trader who lock at my target clearly and sharply.

Why? Because I know my target much better than they do and anyone else! My masters and gurus do not know my target at all, only me know where is my target so that I can lock it and achieve what I have achieved today. I do not listen to news or what my masters said, I can use it as my references or may be as a basic guidance and it cannot change my entire plan that I have from the beginning.

BTCUSDT 633.08 Take Profit
BTCUSDT 633.08 Take Profit

The achievement in crypto markets is exactly same as in FOREX, it is just another vehicle to make money.

The same tools and analyst is used by DGM to trade BTCUSDT and XAUUSD in the FOREX environment.

I have recovered my invested amount $10454.65 with $11038 in 1.5 months.

Whatever in the future trades that I am taking, it is from the net profit that I have earned in 1.5 months.

Must use leverage wisely:

Leverage is a very powerful tool when you know how to use it with some calculated risks. That means facts and figures with some simple mathematics calculation.


Despite of the crypto dump recently on all the alt coins after SEC announcement to sue Binance and Coinbase. Guess what? My Ai Trading Strategies are making shit ton of USDT from the crazy markets. Well there is a secret and cannot tell you unless…Anyway, I have given you the formula to copy and it is up to you to trade manually with stress and sleepless nights or ride on the trend of Ai trading today ⬇️⬇️⬇️

AI Sleeping Income With DGM System

The SECRET is to marry between Ai trading strategies and an income generated exchange platform

  • Ai trading strategies

  • An income generated exchange platform

How It Works?


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