Emotional Anchor (情緒錨點)

“A man who dreams of drinking, weeps when he dreams; he who dreams of weeping, hunts in the fields.”

The person who drinks in the dream wakes up and finds that there is no drink, so he starts to cry.

The person crying in the dream wakes up and does not explode, so he is happy to go hunting.

In this regard, whether you are happy today depends on what you dreamed yesterday.

Whether you are happy at this moment depends on whether you were miserable at the previous moment.

Yesterday is the anchor for today, and the last moment is the anchor for the next.

For example, the first month, the inflation index is 8, the second month is 9, because the anchor point is 8, so pessimistic.

If in the third month, it goes from 9 to 8 again, at this time, the new anchor point is 9, so optimistic.

For another example, at the moment, the price of Bitcoin is at 24K.

If a person fell asleep a month ago and only wakes up now, he will find that he was 18K before going to sleep and 24K after waking up. He is so happy that he has risen by 6K!

But if this person slept for half a year, he was 69K before going to bed, and when he woke up, he had only 24K left, foaming at the mouth, and passed out.

So, whether you are satisfied with the status quo depends on whether your anchor is at 18K or 69K.

Emotions, that’s what it is.

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, some metaphysicians believed that the sage was ruthless because he knew that emotions were just like that.

But the other school believes that the sage is sentient, and because he knows that emotion is what it is, he “has sentient beings and is not burdened by it”.

“Don’t be bothered”, that’s great.

It is always right for traders to be less emotionally involved.



















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