Future Of Gaming

I’m Oxygen of DGM for me the gaming community have growing exponentially these past few years specially this pandemic where as gaming took off in a high level. What I can see is that gaming has various paths to go at the same time. Here are some examples:

Gaming as a Sport

Right now it is really happening like in the SEA games where as some games are played in the international level in a way that it was supported by a lot of people, unlike in the early days that they would only say that gaming is just a hobby. Right now it is opening a new career spot in terms of sports.

Gaming as a Profession

As everyone knows NFT games are really a trend right now gaming has evolved in which you will play to earn tokens where you will be able to cash it out. This cam be a full time job given the right circumstances and growth of the community. Yes it is not stable yet because it is just developing and in its first phase but I believe that this is really the future of gaming, instead of just investing to skins in the game that will only make you look and feel good, people will start investing in order to earn and grow.


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