How I diversify my crypto assets?

Hello! it’s me Rashi again!

Today we will be talking on how I diversify my crypto assets!

I move my crypto assets everyday! I use them whenever I learn a new way to earn!

But today I will talk about how I mainly earn!

Number 1 is Staking.
-Staking is a way to put your crypto to work and earn reward from it.
Think of this like bank savings. You basically earn passive income from this but not too much.
I like action so for me this is boring stuff. I only stake a crypto that moves slowly. Careful about price drops tho!

Number 2 is trading.
-So here comes the action! Basically you will buy a cryptocurrency of your choice and sell e when the prices goes up!
I mainly use the scraping method in trading so actions moves in minutes, or even seconds of trading!
Crypto scraping gives low profit but can accumulate depending on how much time per day you can give!

If you plan on trying any form of trading you should remember:
Never sell lower than your investment!
Always mind the transaction fees!
Do your own research first!

Number 3 is NFT trading.
-This is my main money maker!
Just like trading but you will be buying and selling NFT’s!
I maily focus on In-Game items rather than those photos of monkey being sold at insanely high prices.
Basically your goal here is to study the maket of the game you want to focus on, that way you will be able to monitor and find underpriced goods.
I mainly focus on this because you can still earn even if the crypto market is dropping.

Here is an example:
I’ll use the game Axie Infinity as an example.
Let’s say you studied the market and you know that a bird axie with a certain skill set normally costs 0.7 eth.
Then you suddenly saw someone selling that exact same axie at lets say 0.4 eth, while the rest of the prices stays the same.
You should immediatly grab that! and sell it back on 0.7eth! Profit!

It might sound easy but monitoring price range changes is a bit hard and requires research!
Always mind the Gas fees/Transaction fees!
Never sell lower than your capital!
Never be a “Trigger Happy” person who always buy without thinking!

Lastly please remember that in any kind of trading, Patience is a must!

I hope we all get much profits!

Thats all for today!


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