How to defeat RRP team which is op now using ABP team. thread:

So we all know that in round1 each of team will have 6 cards and 3 energy so this time your enemy is 2 reptile you should end turn because you have to save your energy for your beast to burst and kill the plant so when the time that you kill a plant and then save again a cards and energy you must save you plant also because if the plant will quickly extinguished or execute meaning you have a low chance to win that game. this is the option 1

so the option 2 is when the enemy is aggressive you should save your plant and use shield cards, why? because if your plant will execute as early as I guess your beast will be open and cannot cast a card, though you can cast a card but there is low chance that your beast can`t attack.

Option 3: if the reptile can do backdoor and kill your beast and aqua in early game and you predicted it you must increase the shield of that 2 axies or can end turn coz if u end turn and the reptile will do backdoor it will still target the plant so after targeting the plant knowing that the reptile can`t do backdoor in next round so you have to cast a shield card on your plant cast to spend energy and have more cards.

So I think that is all for tonight. I hope you gain some knowledge and have some tip and strategies on how to eliminate the RRP team. THANK YOU FOR SPENDING TIME TO READ THIS! GRINDWELL! AND CHEERS TO DGM FAM!!


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