My (DGM) Crypto(s) Journey Since 2019 Till Today

Very blessed till today, counting my blessing in this journal. Started with LUNA back in 2020 in autobot trading at spot by buying low and selling high automatically in Binance exchange with 3Commas application. Unfortunately, the country financial policy banned Binance and decided not to continue with LUNA tokens. ROI = 20%.

Moved into AXS in the year of 2020-2021 as a late player in the games, when ronin network is hacked. I was not keeping the assets neither in USDC nor ETH. I was staking all of them in AXS tokens. Managed to recover from the investment 80% and the rest of the 20% is still in axies NFT. ROI. = 0%. When you are interested to play the games, you are most welcome to sign up at steps how to apply.

After left Terra LUNA, switched the investment into Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) in 2021. The market crashed bearish and still staked SOL, SAND and MATIC in Liquidity Pools (LP). Left SOL in the early 2022 and focus on MATIC, BTC and ETH.

At the early of 2021 also invested in Celsius but decided not to continue during the same year because feeling the force is telling me to keep my money in my own personal wallets and converted them to SOL. ROI = 5% or less.

Total Lost Recorded in the Past Black Swan Events.

I’m very lucky and manage to avoid Terra LUNA crashed, AXS hacked, Celsius files for bankruptcy, and SOL price crashed today due to FTX multiple issues. Don’t have FTX accounts, please tell me you got your money off FTX from liquidity crunch….

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