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Never pay more for hosting again when it can be less! Hosting a Website on Google Cloud Platform for less $💵$ a year? Interested?

Are you sick of paying too much for the web hosting? What about free for 1st Year and 2nd Year paying only $5 USD a month for the entire year to host your WordPress (WP) website? Alternatively, You can sign up for Google Cloud FREE $300 USD credit valid for a year.

It will be hosted by Google Cloud Platform data center without any extra hardware or anything else? It sounds too good to be true? IT’S NOT!

I have done it myself for this website and enjoy the excellent performance today!  Pretty incredible isn’t it? For your information that Shopify is using Google Cloud Platform too!
Save 100 a Year

Setup for you at $150 USD each website

Offer the service for you at $150 USD and I can help you to cut the web hosting cost for free 1st year and 2nd year at $5 USD  💸 month.

What do you get at $150 USD per website setup?

  1. FREE SSL Certificate Included
  2. WordPress Installed for you automatically
  3. FREE Domain Hosting for 1st Year & 5 USD / Month on every year.
  4. ORDER CUSTOM STORE – Optional to install AliDropShip with Woo FREE Themes OR Thrive Themes for Non-Drop shipping website.

* Special 30-day money-back guarantee

What do you need to get started?

  1. Register by using the sign up “JOIN ME NOW!” button.
  2. Make a payment and 
  3. Buy a new Domain Name OR migrate your existing Domain.
  4. The WordPress with your new Domain will be ready within a day!

Alternatively, you still have a choice to go for some decent price with the following recommended web hosting provider. They offer first 3 years with the discounted rate and subsequently at $7.99 USD per month for the entire years. Check Out!

Google Cloud Platform

  1. Zero cost for 12 months = $0 USD
  2. Second year = $5 USD X 12 months = $60 USD / $60 USD in total
  3. Third year = $5 USD X 12 months = $60 USD / $120 USD in total
  4. Forth year = $5 USD X 12 months = $60 USD / $180 USD in total
  5. Fifth year = $5 USD X 12 months = $60 USD / $240 USD in total

Hostgator / Bluehost / GoDaddy

  • First year = $3.95 X 12 months = $47.4 USD
  • 2nd year = $3.95 X 12 months = $47.4 USD / $94.8 USD in total.
  • 3rd year = $3.95 X 12 months = $47.4 USD / $142.2 USD in total.
  • 4th year = $7.99 X 12 months = $95.88 USD / $238.08 USD in total.
  • 5th year = $7.99 X 12 months = $95.88 USD /  $333.96 USD in total.

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