SILENT Recommendation

The normal breed in plant are
option 1(serious,leaf bug,pumpkin,carrot)
option 2(serious,leaf bug,bulwark,carrot/hotbutt)
option 3(backlane plant)(pumpkin,rose bud,carrot,zigzag/carrot)
and option 4(poison tank)(yam/snakegrass,pupkin,serious,bamboo shoot/leaf bug)
Option 5(good against AAP team) (watering can, carrot, serious, bamboo shoot/bidens) option 5 option number 4 option 2 option 2 without leaf bug option 1 option 3

Aqua possible good combination card set
option 1(nimo, shipwreck, oranda, lamb)
option 2(nimo, hermit, angry lamb, oranda)
option 3(shrimp,lamb,ronin,oranda)
option 4(all out,anemone(back),anemone(horn),catfish)= this can be in backlane too
option 1(koi,goldfish,lamb,oranda)
option 2(navaga,goldfish,oranda,lamb)
option 3(shrimp,lamb,goldfish,oranda)
option 4(gravel ant,scale dart,oranda,riskyfish)
option 5(cuckoo,riskyfish,scaledart,oranda)
option 6(nimo,anemone(horn),anemone(back),catfish)
option 7(nimo,goldfish,lamb,clamshell)

Nimo=aqua(gain energy)
Hero=beast(draw cards)
Confident=beast(+ morale)
Cottontail=beast(gain energy)
Balloon=bird(apply fear)
Tri feather=bird(attack twice if axie have debuff)
Cuckoo=bird(+ attack)
Post fight=bird(30% damage to yourself)
Spiky wing=bug(apply fragile)
Laggin=bug(slow enemy)
Leaf bug=bug(gain energy)
Pincer=bug(discard enemy card)
Square teeth=bug(+ 100% damage when combo)
Twin tail=bug(attack twice when combo)
Pupae=bug(+200% when last stand)
Bidens=plant(neglect buff)
Mint=plant(debuffed teamates)
Cattail=plant(draw card)
Green thorn=reptile(double shield when combo)
Grass snake=reptile(apply 2 poison)


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