So, what led me to the gaming world?

Hi folks! I’m Rashi and today I’m about to share my story.

So as you can see from the title, what led me to the gaming world?

Well let me start from the very begining, I started playing games since I was a child, I don’t recall how old I was since the day I got my very first console which is called a family computer. There are not much childred live near my place to I always stay at home, bored, so my parents bought me one. The first game I played is Super Mario. I got hooked at gaming so I bought new cartidge so I can play more games.

Years later I got another console called the Play Station. This is where I got really hooked at gaming. I played so many games in this console and my most favorite is the Final Fantasy VII, I tried other Final Fantasy games such as FFVII and FFIX but FFVII is my most favorite.

Then the GameBoy came out I played Pokémon, This is when I got to have friends cos you can bring these to scholl and even trade Pokémons and do battles via cable!

Then I got introduced to my very first online game! The Ragnarok Online! This game will always have a very special place in my heart. The friends I made here, Parties, Guild that treated me like family, even romance! I’ll never forget all the grinds, thrilling boss hunts/raids, awesome PVP action and War of Emperium(Guild War)!

So what got me really hooked? I’d say the thrilling gameplay and awsome stories that can par some great movies! Also the feeling to be the main character and do some impossible things! Also the oppotunity to have friends that will treat you as family!

So now I’m here at Dailygamemoments and still into gaming!

See you next story! Cheers!

Happy Gaming~


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