Stake Your VIS To Earn High Interest, More Than 100% APR

DGM Scholars, during bad time or bear market. The best way to keep yourself investing is to provide VIS liquidity pools to earn additional coins so that when the market turns bullish. You will have earned at least 5X – 20X when the VIS price go back up to $0.20 USD again in the near future. and Search for VIS pool

Stake for VIS/USDT pair Liquidity Pool (LP) to earn much higher interest and safer too comparing to other pairs.

Provide Your LP Here

During this time when the post is written, we should not trade. We might start to trade when coming to June or July 2022. This is just my recommendation to take a break for few months and feel free to do your own research and watch out if you still insist to trade.


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