Hi guys Im back, I just want to let you know that i got new knowledge about the same speed of aqua and how the enemy always turn first. in 1v1 situation lot of us is still confuse why the enemy team always hit first even if you have same speed or you both have plus 5 speed because of the passive skills of your cards. The reason of this one why your enemy aqua is in first turn; first, it has a sequences in axies that you are the one who hit first in last round thats why his aqua will be the first turn this round then the last info i got this day is when your enemy aqua has a lower health he will be the first one to hit again. Thank you for reading this info hope it helps a lot.

We know that faster Axies (i.e. higher speed) will get to move first – but what happens when 2 or more Axies share the same speed? Spoiler alert: it is not a 50:50 coin toss. In that case, turn order is then determined by comparison of the following stats in sequence:
Lower HP
Higher Skill
High Morale
Low Axie ID

This means that if 2 Axies have the same speed, then the one with lower HP will strike first. If both their speed and HP are the same, then the one with higher skill will attack first…so on and so forth.