Steps How To Apply in DGM

To the populace: Good news! Daily Game Moments Axie Infinity Scholarship is NOW OPEN. Scholarship will be given to those who are deserving. For those who would like to be one of the new bloods, you are encouraged to join us in A Day Without Gaming, Staking or Trading Is A Day Wasted

Request for an application form next when you are interested to proceed.


Hi guys! if your team is AAP team, well please take time to read this.

Place your two aqua in a vertical line and place your plant in the front/ center. Why? Because it will need 4 energy to do combo so that they will able to kill your aqua then if not will happen your aqua will survive and can attack in next round plus the advantage of it the enemy will confuse on who they will target knowing your two aqua placed in a vertical line. Tips for the day


🚀Blockchain NFT Game: Axie Infinity is a decentralized game on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows players to control adorable, Pokémon – inspired characters known as Axies.

💰You will gain an in-game token called Small Love Potion (SLP) which could be converted to other cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC and that could be traded for the stable coins 💴BUSD💵USDC💷UST💶USDT.

Visit and sign up the scholarship program offered by DailyGameMoments

How To Exchange Your SLP to USD?

Step 1:
Register and join the Binance exchange by creating a free account and share with you my 10% commission !!! |

Step 2:
TRADE for either SLP/BUSD or SLP/USDT or SLP/ETH. You can either SELL your SLP for BUSD, USDT or ETH

Step 3:
Go to P2P Trading to sell your BUSD, USDT or ETH for fiat currency such as USD or local currency you would like to have.

As simple as 3 steps to exchange your SLP to USD.