The Future of Gaming

Every day, technology is becoming integral part of human life.If we’re to see a real impact on gaming experiences,AI is already massively incorporated into gaming, though at the moment the nature of games design and gameplay requires it to be constrained. We’ve reached a point of diminishing returns when it comes to graphical fidelity, which has driven a lot of advances in gaming technology up to now. There’s still great scope to enhance the virtual characters that inhabit those worlds. Making those characters more realistic, and giving them more nuanced interaction with the players, opens up a lot of possibilities for new types of gaming.

What or who got you into video games in the first place? The Story Of Prince 😂❤️

What got me into video games? The game that got me into video games is the minecraft, minecraft is the first ever video game I played, I started playing minecraft when I’m in grade school and that time i hooked up in video game world hehe and until now I’m playing minecraft hehe minecraft has a special place in my heart that no other game can replaced hehe maybe axie would replaced minecraft someday but still minecraft has a place in my heart hehe and yeah that’s the story on how i got in to video games. ❤️🤘

Steps How To Apply in DGM

To the populace: Good news! Daily Game Moments Axie Infinity Scholarship is NOW OPEN. Scholarship will be given to those who are deserving. For those who would like to be one of the new bloods, you are encouraged to join us in A Day Without Gaming, Staking or Trading Is A Day Wasted

Request for an application form next when you are interested to proceed.


Hi guys! if your team is AAP team, well please take time to read this.

Place your two aqua in a vertical line and place your plant in the front/ center. Why? Because it will need 4 energy to do combo so that they will able to kill your aqua then if not will happen your aqua will survive and can attack in next round plus the advantage of it the enemy will confuse on who they will target knowing your two aqua placed in a vertical line. Tips for the day