The Revenge of Plant

Good Evening everybody so our recent topic was about cryptocurrencies and now our next topic will be


My Ideal plant to breed is this picture below

The revenge of plant

I call it The revenge of plant because it’s cards are high specially if this plant drops it’s hp to 30% or lower of its hp. Here are the cards of this plant.

The Revenge of Plant cards

This plant can gain energy using tail slap that requires to be comboed with another card. It can also deal massive damage to plants,reptiles and dusks if it’s hp dropped to 30% use the death mark and prickly trap and it will deal massive damage that it can 3 hit delete an opponent.


Use the tail slap to gain energy make sure to use it with another card.

When the plant hp dropped to 30% use death mark and then prickly trap and 1-2 october treat depends on how many energy does the enemy have.


Can 2 hit delete Aquatic,Bird,Bug Axies

Can 3 hit delete Plants,Reptiles,Dusks Axies

Has Energy Gain card

Deals massive damage to opponent

Good for team with beast specially beast with Ivory stab card as it gives energy when a damage becomes critical.


Don’t have steal energy cards.

Medium defensive cards

When predicted wrongly and you did the combo(1 death mark, 1 prickly trap, 1-2 october treat) energy will be wasted.

Prickly trap passive will not work on pure plants because this plant speed is 35 unlike other plants they have a speed of 32 below