Glory of the tank.

So we all know in Axie Infinity, Plants are often made to tank. The problem is they are weak against beasts especialy when being hit with lucky crits or ronin.

Yes plants often have Octover treat which have 121 total shield but Beast’s crit and ronin can cut through like slicing butter with a hot knife.

So I did some research and personally picked these plant skills 1 by 1.

Here’s why.

I chose Hermit/Shelter as the main shield or back of this plant over October treat to take care of our crit problem. Yea the shield is a little bit lower than October treat but compared ro being hit by crits I think its totally worth it.

For the mouth I chose Peircing sound/Goda instead of vegetal bite because it can damage plants and destroy energy. Yes, Vegetal bite can steal energies but lets admit it. How many times did we try to throw that card and failed to steal any energy? Worst it has almost no damage. Compared to Peircing sound which has more damage so its not really a waste is you hit em with this even if he doesnt have any energy. Another good alternative for this is Kotaro Bite. Though I think Kotaro bite is better it won’t work if you hit enemies that are slower than you.

For the horn I chose Leaf bug/Disguise. Its free and it gives energy even if the enemy doesnt have any. Since its an energy gain not energy steal. This will be the main energy generating replacement for vegetal bite.

Lastly I chose Carrot/Carrot Hammert for the tail. It gives a fair amount of shield and will give free energy when broken. A great alternative for this is Cattail Slap its will give a fair amount of shield and free cards everytim you get hit by a Beast, Bug or Mech Card.



Very tanky. Even crits wont work for them. Very good when battling beasts with ronin.

Can destroy and generate energies. Greats for preparing late game battle.

Very good if you have strong mid and back liners.


Low damage. This build is made keeping in mind that its a tank so its not good to place this plant on the back or mid lane.

Team reliant. Will just tank like a wall and rely on its team mates to do the killing. Yea typical tank.

Combo reliant. Diguise wont work without Carrot hammer but its okay. You only need 2 energies for 2x carrot + 2x Disguise combo and get 4 energies in exchange.

Note: This build is made from calculations and research I haven’t seen this in action yet so its effectivity is unknown. But would like to get my hand on one of this.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!