Why WordPress Is A Suitable Tool For The Beginner Online?

Wordpress vs Shopify

As you know that WordPress plugins are to enable the website functions and features on the page. For example a web post can be easily constructed with plugins of your choices.

What I would like to highlight today is not about those plugins, I would like to show a powerful tool in WordPress Block Editor. – Shortcode.

Why the WordPress is the gateway for any individual who would like to build their own online website?

  1. Shortcode is enable within WordPress ecosystem. You can setup your paragraph block as an individual snippet and can be used in any pages or posts.
  2. You can integrate Shotcode with ecommerce plugin, such as WooCommerce with any pages or posts by using Shortcode that look like this, newsletters_snippet id=21.
  3. When the content of the snippet, newsletters_snippet id=21 is outdated. You can just update that particular snippet and the content information will be updated for you in all the pages and posts which you have included the newsletters_snippet id=21 snippet.

This is an amazing and smart solution for a website owner because today we can build our pages or posts like Lego blocks. When any information that needed to be updated, we can just access to our single snippet and update it once. We do not have to visit multiple pages or posts to update or remove the information or the contents.

For an example:

The paragraph below is inserted as a Shortcode on this page. One day I would like to update the paragraph from NordVPN to dVPN, I just need to update newsletters_snippet id=21 snippet. All the pages and posts within WordPress ecosystem will be also updated with the latest information.

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For an example of WooCommerce block below in which can be included it easily with just one click from the block selection.

In summary, website will become my online asset rather than a burden because with the technology today, we can publish our ideas without much IT system technical know how?

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