The Story of an Cheerful Kid

Hello Everyone I am sharing a short story about my childhood and on how improved my skills hope you guys enjoy reading my story

I lived in Philippines me and my family life is normal. I love playing with my toys and friends and also study with them with the help of my mom. When I remember my childhood memory it really gives me happiness I play all day with my friends and talking to my parents telling the things I do in school. This memories are so fun and precious to me ,being Kid is so happy.

When I am at 1st Year Junior Highschool ( Grade 7), I stopped playing Toys and started playing online games and offline games like Minecraft, Roblox, Clash of Royale, Card Wars and etc. after studying. It became my Hobby for 1 year. Once I am in Grade 8/ 2nd Year I focused on studying and Mathematics got my attention I always learn math it became my favorite subject and after learning I practice on Calligraphy and Lettering to improve my writing it became my hobby until now and I play games on Weekends with my friends.

When Axie Infinity got popular I got interested in it too so I started searching about it I watch Axie Gameplay and tips on YouTube and learn how they use the cards and combos of it it really helped me and I’m so thankful that I became an scholar and what’s more good is that I became scholar on DailyGameMoments.

It is good to be an part of DailyGameMoments members here always help each other on tips and techniques in playing Axie and also help each other to be successful and to make us grow and expand. Therefore, We don’t let others fall behind we always help them to reach the top with us.

Because I am an fast learner I improved my skills time management, management skills, communication skills and teamwork activities. And continue to improve more skills that I have and Learn skills that I didn’t know I have.

Thank you for reading my story everyone . hope you guys like it have a good day to all of you.