Who am I

Sports & Role-Playing (RPG)

I am Oxygen and this is my story…..

Before I got here where I am today I was always stagnant, I play different sports and martial arts like basketball, soccer, badminton and Arnis. I was always selected to compete in the regional and national level but never really prevail that much.

It actually got me thinking is this really what I want to do? I fall into a deep pit asking myself while doing so I got addicted to gaming and card games which is actually fun and makes me escape from my problems. Which I learned not really a good one. That is why I learned how to manage myself and balance out my life.

In the process of balancing I found out and learned about stocks, trading and investing and I told myself this is really good and a great opportunity for my skillset. In doing so I earned money and felt great about myself that is why I seek opportunities and grab each everyone of them right now I am still a work in progress and this is how I found out about crypto and Axie Infinity which I can play and earn.

What I want to leave you as a message in my story is that like Socrates said “know thyself” and other philosophers said “I think, therefore I am” which means you have to seek yourself first know what is best for you and the rest will follow then seek opportunities grab them and grow. Never stop learning!!!!