My Gaming experiences

I do not have much gaming experiences during my childhood and the PoPEYE Game Console made in China! yey! that you see is the only game I played during my childhood time. Correct! It is a colorless console that my parents bought for me at Bukit Timah, Singapore at one of the road street market place. The console accompanied me for many years…

I bought my first game console which is Wii after I received my first income in my second job career. Well, I was deprived for games since young and start playing games like crazy after having them.

My next game console was Nintendo Wii because of Call For Duty to kill the Japs…LOL! I also make use of it to exercise by practicing my boxing matches with Wii. I sold it finally for MYR 50 after many years. LOL!

The next and the final console that I owned was Play Station 2 Gold edition. Bought some driving, fishing and shooting accessories that support the console. Used it for few years the resell it for a much better price that I bought before.

The rest of my gaming experiences after that are mostly on online computer games such as PUBG, World Of Tanks, COC and so on…

Card games is first time for me, such as Axie Infinity. Still learning in the process…I believe my daughter can play much better than me.