Simple story of me.

Hello everyone! It’s me again Rashi.

Today I’m going to tell you a short story of my life.

Might be boring but please bear with it. Lol

When I was young I never seen my father and only seen my mother like once or twice?

My aunt is the one who raised me. As a child she rrely let me out of the house so I grew up as an introvert.

Never been a problem tho. I’m always happy watching anime and playing games.

When I was 16 Years old that would be the first time I met my father.

First thing he did is to give me money. Lol.

As far as I remember it was around $100.

By that time its quite a large amount it was eay back year 2009.

I just saved it for a while.

Year 2012 I worked as a Bar helper then after a while I became the Bar cook.

A friend of mine told me about bitcoin. I got interested so I used the $100 I recieved from my father and saved.

Few months or year later? I can’t remember I heard about trading and someone posted about trading and I got really interested and wanted to try it right away!

I saw another post about buying coins that cost 1satoshi each then sell them when they became 2 satoshi and you will double your money! So I innediately find a coin that cost 1satoshi and uaed up all my bitcoins. But after a few days it went off the market.

I felt really frutrated. Untill now. Knowing I wiukd have been a millionaire by now if I didnt use my btc back then.

So I gave up on trading and worked as cook on different restaurants.

Now I just got fired. Learned about nft games, and given a chance to trade once again.

Now I’m doinf it small steps at a time and doing what they call scraping. Profit is not that intence but atleast I’m making progress now instead of losing everything in one go.

Doing my best swimming in the gigantic sea of crypto. Hoping that I can one day become a whale of the sea or atleast a bigger fish than I am now, and gain financial freedom.

So thats it for today! Thanks for reading my story!

See you later!