Metaverse: The Future of Gaming

We live in an era where the VR technology is improving and the NFT is finding it’s way to be the next big thing.

Ready Player One

If you’ve watch the movie Ready Player One then you might have the idea of what the future of gaming will be. But unlike in the movie, all the assets that you accumulated will not be gone if you fail or die on a mission.

Also, the VR technology keeps improving thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his team working on Oculus VR headsets. Full body tracking is also available now on certain VR apps like VR chat. The full body tracking looks good, I’ve been watching VR content creators and the technology didn’t disappoint, the way you move is fully translated to the game.

It is the matter of time when the price of the VR headsets will be affordable to the mass population. Once most of the gamers has the access to it, we will experience gaming to a new extent. It will also make a new hope to the gaming industry and it’s content creators to interact each other virtually.