The Future of Gaming

Hello Everyone

What do I think the Future Gaming will be?

I think the Future of Gaming will be Better and Games in the future can make us successful

Why do Games in the Future can make us Successful?

A lot of games now has in game credits that is tradeable, can be converted to other crypto currencies example of it is Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity can be played in different Platforms ( Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.)

it’s unbelievable that the Games we played before so that we can have fun and we don’t get bored can now be a source of funds for our daily needs.

This following Generations I believe that the Games we play will join the Crypto Currencies Where we can sell, trade, and invest our in game credits into real money.

And it is possible that the Future Games will be played on Futuristic Gadgets like 3D Virtual Glasses, where we can control or play games using only gloves on our hand and can be played using brains.

There are a lot of good possibilities in Future of Gaming and unexpected possibilities that can happen in the future.

Thank You and Have a Good Day Everyone 💖😊



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