The Future Of Gaming With DGM

Ruthless!!! Why I have to make people feel overly awkward? I mean by overly honest with them. My brain is always busy with other staffs and I don’t have to remember anything. I says the truth because I have nothing to remember when I say the truth about a person. Too many times I hear flattery and I want to better the DGM community and rather get the truth. Assuming everyone is happy about getting the truth.

In reality, I am a team player but many don’t think I am but I am. I like to inspire my teams to give 110% because themselves are giving 110%. Helping DGM or helping the vision we have is overall helping the community. I am a demanding person, I can be hard sometime when someone invades the DGM benefits without permission. In fact I am harder to myself.

Time is short and not to waste them in a fake life like a drama. I am not regret for any decision that I had made and there are plenty more decision is waiting for me to be made. Success is a very lonely and longly road, people come in and out of my path and I hope that they really come in and not to cause any troubles like the troublemakers that we have seen in the past.

What really takes to make it? Everyone is given an equal opportunity to work with me and no one is special or indispensable. Just like what O2 said, too much sugarcoating can have a negative impact to DGM. I want a workable plan to grow and can bring all of us forward.

The partnership is just like marriages and vise versa. Do I really want to partner with someone I don’t really have the same vision? Not knowing the vision is one thing but not having the same vision is another thing. We have to go through that, I am a numbers guy. The numbers can have an impact to your life when you lost in the numbers. We have to stop believing that social medias worth something and we have to start believing your own net worth.

There is no obligation that you have to follow my path and we all humans. You might still do something behind my back and yet you still claim that you have my back. This is not acceptable and that is why you or they are eliminated.

Thank you Jas for creatively having the topics selection and recent immediate articles reply by Jonathan, Joel, Jhaydel and Rashi. Triple JJJ and a R. Don’t ask me what it means because I ain’t have any ideas too. 🙂

When you are a leader, do it your own ways and be creative. I don’t like to spoon feed you what to do and I want to see what you can do to help the DGM community without any direction is given to you. Use your own GPS or create your own maps when you can understand a big picture road map from me. When you don’t understand? Ask the questions wisely.


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