The future of gaming.

What’s up folks! It’s me Rashi once again!

Today we’ll talk about the future of gaming!

So what do you think the future of gaming will be?

Let’s look back on those good o’l times before we get to the future

So the gaming world started offline, You will need a console and the cartridge for the game.

You can also play multiplayer by just adding another controller (Aka the Player 2).

Then online games came to exist. You can play with massive amount of players! Join raid parties, guilds, have friends and most specialy trade with others.

The only problem is, no matter how hard you grind, how hard you hunt for those items you can only sell them for in-game money.

You don’t own anything even though you worked hard for them, and I think its a big flaw.

Yes sometimes players sell item to people for money but most of the time, real money trading is not legal and bannable on most games. Why tho? You worked hard for them. Why can’t you sell them for money? Because you don’t own them, The devs do.

Then here we go! The future of gaming!

Meet the NFT gaming! Where you own all the gaming assets that you gained! The dream of most gamers came to life!

No more flaws like not owning what you worked hard for!

No more ban for selling what you gained!

You can now earn assets and totally own them!

You can trade them, use them, gift them, and even sell them!

The future of gaming is NFT indeed!

You own what you gained!

I can totally see the great future of gaming where most of the games are NFT capable!

To the great future!

Thats all for today! See you again later!



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