Things I do when playing Axie

Abilities and Formation

• The first thing I consider is the cards that I have. I have to make adjustment in order to utilize all the Axie’s card because there are always strengths and weaknesses. Try different formation, cards combo and read all the Axie’s card and understand their effects. Importantly, learn from your mistakes.
These are the abilities I get:


I placed them in triangular formation. The plant became the tank/front and also can sustain damage, the midlane can burst out the enemy’s front axie and it can also gain. I placed aqua it at the midlane because when in comes to 1v1 I had a lower speed against the enemy aqua or terminator. And lastly, I placed the faster other aqua at the backlane because it can sustain damage, have a greater shield and shrimp for backdoor.

Strengths and Weaknesses of my Axie team


• I can easily easily burst out the enemy’s backlane because of shrimp card.

• The plant can sustain damage against the enemy’s front axie.

• I have a greater shield when in comes to 1v1 situation.


• My plant can easily burst out by beast card.

• It is hard to win against enemy’s aqua that has speed up card and heal card.

• It is hard to win against enemy that has terminator if I do not kill it in earlier round.

Things I do in playing Arena

• I try my best to kill or inflict damage against the enemy’s backlane

• I think and analyze my enemy’s move, pattern and behavior and try to outsmart them.

• I always think ahead and plan my next move to have a better execution of cards.

• If I am winning I try to take advantage of it and when I starting to lose I will take a short break and try again later.

• If I am sleepy or I can’t focus I try to take a short nap or take a short break.

• Lastly, learn from your mistake.

Hope that this will help ^___^ Stay safe everyone!


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