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Follow my foot steps and discover yourself a free AI trading solution !!

There are 3 main components in this AI Trading setup before you can see your own passive income…

  1., provides a subaccount on Bybit exchange platform to execute trades and earn passive income.
  2., provides an API platform to integrate with your own crypto exchange accounts (Bybit or Binance) or TraderDAO and by using a webhook in TradingView to trigger trades in TraderDAO. Alternatively, you can also use a free provider such as TheTradveller or a paid provider such as TradeAdapter.
  3. TradingView Pro plan, provides executable and profitable trades based on the strategies given.

TraderDAO is using TradeGDT which is using sharp ratio auto bots to trade in many small time frame and making use of ChatGPT to generate specific formula codes to communicate wanted trades with the TradeGDT.

DYOR before joining the telegram group. I have parked some capital to mine $POT tokens with TraderDAO and at the same time enjoying the passive income from the trades net profit of the AI trading strategies via TheTradveller API and TradingView Webhook URL settings. However, you must subscribe to the TradingView Pro plan and above in order to use the Webhook setting.

There are a few AI trading strategies to select based on your testing of each strategy, such as Tradveller Pivot, Tradveller Momentum, and Statistical Arbitrage Right Leg + Statistical Arbitrage Left Leg strategies. WhatsApp me when you are looking for the detail configuration and option.

All New â€œProof Of Trade”

Traders can continue their normal trading activities while simultaneously contributing valuable data to TradeGDT, an advanced AI system that has the potential to transform the trading landscape.

As a reward for their contributions, traders will receive $POT tokens, representing ownership of value on the TraderDAO.

How to earn from TraderDAO?

TraderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that is designed to provide a decentralized platform for traders to collaborate, share information, and access tools that can help them trade more efficiently. TraderDAO provides several services, including:

  1. Social trading: A platform for traders to share their trading strategies and ideas. Not sure about it right now after joined their telegram group before.
  2. Liquidity pooling: A mechanism for traders to pool their resources and provide liquidity to different markets. Don’t think it is realistic yet.
  3. Analytics: A platform that provides traders with real-time analytics and insights to help them make better trading decisions.

Note: If you are new in Crypto, encourage you to watch these videos here and you can fast track your learning curve by paying for the VIP membership. You can have a choice not to use TraderDAO and replace with your own Bybit account, and you will miss out $POT tokens as an additional income source.

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