Trading is the best business. (交易,是最好的生意。)

Trading is the best business.
However, it requires knowledge.
If you want to acquire this knowledge, you can only learn through experience in trading practice.
An untrained mind is not suitable for trading.
“If you don’t teach civilians to fight, you will abandon them.” To let people who have not received military training go to war is to let them die.
Those who have not learned how to swim will never dare to enter the water easily.
People who have not learned how to trade open orders at will.
For novices, the first priority is to learn skills, accumulate experience, and prepare for future gains.
It’s not about getting rich right away.
Trading is indeed the best business, but it is also the cruelest battlefield.
It is a comprehensive competition of mind and body, and it is a long-term game.
You must be more diligent, learner, more self-disciplined, and more stable and mature than your opponents.
“Be careful and walk not as fools, but as wise. Make the most of the time.”
Recognize the reality, make long-term plans, make continuous progress, and keep working hard!

「你們要謹慎行事,不要像愚昧人,當像智慧人。 要愛惜光陰。」

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