What is your STORY

Hi, it’s me Natoyyy19. I’m a Filipino, i want to share a short story of me and my family.

I was born September 1999. Im at age of 22 right now and studying Computer Engineering. As a Student and the pandemic that we are facing it’s hard to earn money even for our parents. Axie Infinity and DGM society help me a lot because even while studying, i managed to earn money by playing Axie Infinity and it’s because sir Jon our biggest helper today accept me to join his crew. This kind of person really exist.

My parents were separated back when i was kid. It was hard to accept because I don’t understand what is happening back then. But now, i began to understand why they got separated. They have different families right now. And I’m happy, because when i see them being happy with their family, I said to my self that i think they don’t regret what happened back then.

Life is short, live your life according to what you want to become. Problems comes with different answers. Answers that given by GOD. Again, this is Natoyyy19 and that is my STORY.


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Im Jefferson Nening Anciano, was born September 01,1999 at Palauig ,Zambales.Simple but Terrible

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