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Everyone has stories to tell even, even those who are blind and deaf will listen to your storyFranz, 2021

I grew up in a small village where it is the epitome of simplicity and tradition. I grew up where I can clearly see sunrise and sunset inside our home also I can witness the abundance of fishes and marine animals infront of my eyes. It is those days where you can simply see the beauty of everything and appreciate it. No distractions and everything seems innocent ofcourse I was young that time. Everything changed when I was in high-school, you can feel the pressure and that everyone expected alot from you. It was hard. I lived to the expectations that I should get straight A’s and minimize B’s, but failure doesn’t work like that. As i pressured myself I forgot who I really am. I realized that it will get me nowhere if I listen to what everyone expected me and focused on what they said. One day, I changed those expectations, I failed few subjects and lived to the saying that “failures makes you stronger”. Failure improves you in a way that you will grow as a human and who you are now. I don’t wanna emphasized that failure is good. I just wanna say failure is a part of a process and to know maturity. Right now, Im living my life to the fullest not to the foolest. I am now in charge of my own decision and what is beneficial for me and those people who believed in me.




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