Where It All Started

In this classroom, my high school friends formed a circle or a group, and they were playing on their phones. I got curious, so I went closer to them and they asked me to download the Mobile Legends app. I got really curious, so I downloaded it. Since then, we played until the instructor will enter the classroom to teach. I was once addicted to that game, then I got interested in Call of Duty mobile, and until now, I’m still playing that game. It came to the point that the moment I get up in my bed, I open my phone and play CODm. But, I realized it was a bad habit, so I changed my routine. Now, I know my priorities. These people did not just influenced me in playing games, they also helped me become a responsible gamer. What I mean is that they taught me to handle people and be extra careful to what I will say while playing especially when having a bad game. Just relax and enjoy the game. Don’t let the game ruin your day.


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