What or who got you into video games in the first place?

Hi I’m Justine Uclaray and my IGN is Oxygen, I would like to share what got me into video games; and this is all thanks to my cousins and my uncle. You might be asking how did this happen well growing up we have a really big family and I grew up with my cousin and my uncle when I was in grade school we often go to a computer shop where we play Counter-Strike and Dota and this is my very first exposure in video games. The second video game that I used to play at home is contra if you are familiar with this it is like a console that you put a CD in the DVD. Next came up the Gameboy I got super addicted to this to the point that I do not want to go to school at the time. I got a really great background in video games next that came up is the PSP it is very nostalgic when I try to remember downloading games and buying games in the store the most memorable game for me on this console is the Crash Bandicoot I do not know anymore if my spelling is right but yes it was very fun to play. And then comes Play Station there is this game called Resistance it is my favorite in that groundbreaking console anyway all these things lead to where I am today doing what I do. I hope I got your interest and be great. Oxygen out.


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