SILENT Recommendation

The normal breed in plant are
option 1(serious,leaf bug,pumpkin,carrot)
option 2(serious,leaf bug,bulwark,carrot/hotbutt)
option 3(backlane plant)(pumpkin,rose bud,carrot,zigzag/carrot)
and option 4(poison tank)(yam/snakegrass,pupkin,serious,bamboo shoot/leaf bug)
Option 5(good against AAP team) (watering can, carrot, serious, bamboo shoot/bidens) option 5 option number 4 option 2 option 2 without leaf bug option 1 option 3

Aqua possible good combination card set
option 1(nimo, shipwreck, oranda, lamb)
option 2(nimo, hermit, angry lamb, oranda)
option 3(shrimp,lamb,ronin,oranda)
option 4(all out,anemone(back),anemone(horn),catfish)= this can be in backlane too
option 1(koi,goldfish,lamb,oranda)
option 2(navaga,goldfish,oranda,lamb)
option 3(shrimp,lamb,goldfish,oranda)
option 4(gravel ant,scale dart,oranda,riskyfish)
option 5(cuckoo,riskyfish,scaledart,oranda)
option 6(nimo,anemone(horn),anemone(back),catfish)
option 7(nimo,goldfish,lamb,clamshell)

Nimo=aqua(gain energy)
Hero=beast(draw cards)
Confident=beast(+ morale)
Cottontail=beast(gain energy)
Balloon=bird(apply fear)
Tri feather=bird(attack twice if axie have debuff)
Cuckoo=bird(+ attack)
Post fight=bird(30% damage to yourself)
Spiky wing=bug(apply fragile)
Laggin=bug(slow enemy)
Leaf bug=bug(gain energy)
Pincer=bug(discard enemy card)
Square teeth=bug(+ 100% damage when combo)
Twin tail=bug(attack twice when combo)
Pupae=bug(+200% when last stand)
Bidens=plant(neglect buff)
Mint=plant(debuffed teamates)
Cattail=plant(draw card)
Green thorn=reptile(double shield when combo)
Grass snake=reptile(apply 2 poison)

The Latest DGM Leaderboard


Back in July 2021 when I just started the scholarship program. The Axie Infinity Live Player Count was about 71K online and what about today? How many more players? When I am writing this note, it is about 110,441 Players Online. For today, you can check here for the current online players in Axie Infinity.

It is shock to see in a short period of 1 month, I can see an increase about 30K players online and still growing UP!

Congratulate! to those who are at the top of DGM Leaderboard, especially the top 1. You are at the position of 174,025 out of around 350,000 daily players and the number is updated 4 days ago.

🔥 Axie Infinity Resources

Axie Infinity is an amazing game but if you’re getting started, for new players with little money it is difficult to get into the game. So here are my tips on how to get started and just some pieces of advice that will make your journey into Axie Infinity much more enjoyable. Axie Infinity is changing the world and it is truly an honor to be a part of this ecosystem!

Axie Discord

Axie Card Site

Axie Pricing Calculator


🚀Blockchain NFT Game: Axie Infinity is a decentralized game on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows players to control adorable, Pokémon – inspired characters known as Axies.

💰You will gain an in-game token called Small Love Potion (SLP) which could be converted to other cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC and that could be traded for the stable coins 💴BUSD💵USDC💷UST💶USDT.

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