Games provide us delight, inspiration, and social connection. They have the ability to bring us together, foster empathy, and build our social fabric. As of today, the number of games raging from simple gaming to virtual reality and augmented reality continues to rise. I remember back then that the graphics weren’t pretty much as good as what we have today. From pixelated mariobros we have before, to something with 4k quality video games such like Cyberpunk and etc. Technology has really flourished big time and we could no longer see how it ranges more. While we’re still waiting to see what more future brings, appreciation and enjoyment is what we should be riding on.


One thought on “THE FUTURE OF GAMING”

  1. Advancing and Transforming

    Every year, technology is improving and continue to advance innovation. You can predict the future of gaming by understanding and knowing it. And I think it will be become more successful because we all know that so many people like to play when they spending their time. Today, technology like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D graphics, as well as trends like streaming services and mobile gaming, are continue to transforming or advancing the future of video games. Game consoles, mobile devices, and technologies.

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